The tramp

A tramp was sleeping on a park bench late at night. A man and a woman were walking past. One of them tapped him on the shoulder and asked.

“Excuse me! What’s the time?”

The tramp was very annoyed at being woken up.

“ I don’t know. I haven’t got a watch, said he angrily. And he went back to sleep.

Some time later another man was passing. He woke the tramp up and said,

“I am sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could tell me what time is it”

Again the tramp said that he didn’t know. By now he was very fed up, so he got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote I Don’t Know What Time Is on it, and went back to sleep.

Half an hour later, a policeman was passing. He read the sign, woke up the tramp and said,

“It’s 2.30, sir.”

Դուրս գրիր անծանոթ բառերը:

Կարմիրով նշված նախադասությունները գրիր ներկա ժամանակով:
He is wokeing the tramp up and said.
He is wasing very fed up.

Կապույտով գրված նախադասությունները՝ անցյալով:
I haden’t got a watch.
I was sorry to bother you.

Կանաչով գրված նախադասությունները՝ ապառնիով:\
One of them will tapp him on the shoulder and asked.
He will read the sign, he will wake up the tramp and said.

Answer the questions

  1. What was doing a tramp late at night?A tramp was sleeping on a park bench late at night.
  2. Where he was sleeping?A tramp was sleeping on a park bench.
  3. Was it day or night? it was Night
  4. Who was walking past? A man and a woman were walking past.
  5. Was he pleased by waking up?The tramp was very annoyed at being woken up.
  6. Did he have a watch?
  7. No.He dibn
  8. What did the tramp do?A tramp was sleeping
  9. What did he write on the paper?a man, a woman and a policeman
  10. y fed up, so he got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote 10 գրի he said it is 2:30,
  11. Who wake the tramp up?Some time later another man was passing. He woke the tramp up and said,
  12. What did the policeman say?Half an hour later, a policeman was passing. He read the sign, woke up the tramp and said,“It’s 2.30, sir.” 

Complete the sentences

  1. A tramp was sleeping on…a park bench late at night
  2. One of them tapped…him on the shoulder and asked.
  3. The tramp was very annoyed…at being woken up.
  4. Some time later another… man was passing.
  5. Half an hour later, a policeman… was passing.

    Թարգմանեք այս պատմությունը:

Why Porsugh and Fox live underground
It is said that at one time beasts and animals were tailless.

It was still somehow alive in the winter, but in the summer a fly came and there was no escape from the mosquito.No matter how much they called for help, there was no helper.

When he learned of this, the king of beasts ordered everyone to come and get a tail from him. King's messengers flew around the world to summon beasts. They blew money, beat drums, woke everyone up. They told everyone except the bear. They searched hard and finally found him sleeping in the cave. They woke him up and ordered him to go immediately and get a tail. but the bear was not in a hurry, he was walking calmly.
He looked around, looking for honey. Here he saw a blow on the tree, "I must gather strength before I can reach the king." The tree rose, full of honey. Muttering with joy, he began to take out honey with his paws and eat greedily. He was satisfied when he saw that he was lost in the honey. "How do I look like a king?" He entered the river, swam and lay down to sleep.

During this time the Gauls gathered near the king. The fox came first. He saw different tails, bowed to the king and said:

- My brilliant king, I was the first to respond to your order, let me choose the tail I want.
Well, for a lion, it didn't matter what tail the fox had.

- Well, choose the one you want.

The cunning fox chose the most beautiful and long tail.

After the fox came the squirrel, and he chose a beautiful tail for himself, then the mink, the belly and the other animals. The last one came and the rabbit came.

"Where have you been? There is only a tiny tail left," said the lion.

- That is enough for me

After splitting everyone up, the king went to sleep.

It was getting dark, only the bear woke up and remembered that he had to hurry to the king. He reached the palace, but there was no tail left, no beast.

The evil one returned to his forest. One day he saw her sitting on the porch, admiring her tail.
Listen, idiot, give me what you need.

"What do you say, brother bear? How can I give you this beautiful tail?"

"Do not give it by mistake, I will take it by force," said the bear, putting his paw on the stomach.

"I will not give it," he shouted and ran away.

A piece of the tail was left under the bear's paw, the tail stuck to him and he went to eat the rest of the honey.

And the stomach was not calm, it seemed to him that the bear would come somewhere and take its tail. And he dug a big nest in the ground and lived there. The wound healed, but a scar remained. One day a fox was passing by, saw the burrow and asked,

- What is the top?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it aint for me either. And he told what had happened. The fox thought that his tail was more beautiful than his belly, and out of fear he went to look for a place. Finally, he dug a hole in the ground and entered.

From that day on, the fox and the fox began to live in the dungeon.

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